Thank goodness for time to decompress

Runner pain point
For posterity, yesterday’s debilitating pain point location.


Yesterday’s slow three mile jog to the High School to pick up my bicycle (from the night before) resulted in a flare up of the right calf pain from three days ago.

Was so frustrated in the moment, i was going to rearrange the whole day to accommodate storming into my Podiatrists office and demand answers – potentially firing him.

There is no justifiable reason for such a sharp pain to continue after i have repeatedly (over the years) shared my concerns and we have repeatedly run tests to find the cause. The end result is always, “Keep doing what you’re doing, everything looks fine.”

Yesterday’s pain (and Wednesday’s pain) was so severe i stopped jogging to walk the last half mile to school. The walking was painful too, like a major “charlie horse“.

Sharp pain simply in walking.

Come on.

There has to be a reason.




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And so it goes, the boring basics

Orlando Based Disney Motivational Keynote Speaker
Yesterday, a late, hot start to the day, at 8am.


With a green light from my Podiatrist of ten years, yesterday was an important milestone.

The pain from running at the Sunshine State Games on Father’s Day 10 days ago, is fading to nothing.

Five miles of consecutive negative splits, not pushing hard, just gradually controlling the increased pace. Being aware and in command is part of world class training.

Mile six a slow jog. Mile seven a nice walk. Miles eight and nine, relaxed jog. Mile ten another easy walk cool down.

Consistency and time.

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Dream killer or heart attack?

Foot X-rays
Yesterday at Podiatrist.


Dream killer or heart attack?

The foot bone’s connected to the ankle bone. The ankle bone’s connected to the leg bone. The leg bone’s connected to the hip bone. On up to our heart, then straight on to our dreams.

Podiatrist said, “Everything looks great. As we age, we can expect some pain associated solely to the aging process, not because of injury. Keep doing what you’re doing.”

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An insidious habit of focusing on urgency rather than importance

Podiatrist office
Healthy feet are taken for granted, like most other healthy things


Podiatrist's office
Annual checkup and new custom orthotics prescription


It’s often challenging to schedule medical checkups due to busy schedules or simply because we have an insidious habit of focusing on urgency rather than importance.

Live like you mean it means taking regular risks, escaping our comfort zone.

Driving home from Gold’s gym yesterday made a spontaneous decision one block before missing the opportunity to turn right to see Dr Wagner, unscheduled.

Otherwise, it could end up being December and going, uh oh.

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It Almost Didn’t Seem Worth It

New pair & old pair of resting foot splints. I wear one on each foot while sleeping – have for a decade!

Spent three months going 2-3 times a week to physical therapy at Florida Hospital Celebration, two blocks from work. Harder than it seems, because of frequent travel.

Almost didn’t seem worth it, all the rescheduling and missed appointments. Would have been easier to quit. Quitting always is the easiest option, isn’t it?

In the end, there was no quitting. And it was time to buy a plane ticket. To Finland.

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