It’s Getting Darker

It’s getting dark earlier and getting light later.

Autumn is coming and Winter after that.  Shorter daylight hours.

If you said, “Jeff, what’s your favorite time to run”? I’d tell you humid mornings, just before sunrise, when there is no need for even a t-shirt to stay warm.

Plus, I get to watch the sun rise.  And on a day like that, I’ll be soaked with sweat.  That’s the favorite.

Even though they last from March through September, those days are quickly fading.  So what?

It’s a constant and significant reminder that motivation is the key.

Cold, dark mornings with oncoming cars, headlights blaring, racing 60-65 mph to get to work.   Who needs that?  Who wants that?

Not me.

Actually, I do need it.  Without exercise, there’s too much at risk.

Ya with me?  Got motivation?  Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂

By jeff noel

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