Amazing What Can Happen

Impossible Is Nothing
Impossible Is Nothing

Here’s a quote, lifted from my Facebook updates:

“You go girl. I am doing the same thing with my bosses wife. We go at lunch time almost everyday. It is amazing what a walk a day can do for you.”

It’s amazing what walking can do, if you do it.

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Lane 8 Happy New Year

Motivation Is Like A Fire
Motivation Is Like A Fire

Wow, another year come and gone.

It can be so challenging to get healthy, so challenging to stay healthy.

I often wonder if I’ll ever end up a hypocrite, a phony.

Living in Central Florida now for 26 years, it’s this time of year when we actually use our fireplace. And being on vacation the past ten days, we’ve been having a fire nightly. Sometimes we even start the fire in the morning.

And this thought just entered my mind while typing this blog post:

Motivation is like a fire. You must continue adding fuel to it to keep it burning.

Otherwise, it will go out.  A “no brainer” as they say.