There Were 5,300 Master’s Olympians From 80 Different Countries

Lahti, Finland: 5,300 Master's Olympians from 80 different countries (see the flags?).

jeff noel was five years into running, eating better, resting more and getting healthy before the seed of an idea – going up against the world’s best – crossed his mind.

As you focus on what you want to do, and need to do, remember, you are in this for the long haul, the rest of your life. Make small plans, so you can be successful early. Grow in manageable increments, so you can continue to be successful.

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Overtraining Is A Common Pitfall of Older Athletes As They Try To Regain Their Youth

jeff noel's Hometown, Walt Disney World

If Baby Boomers compete in athletics, they are likely involved in Masters or Seniors competitions. All in good fun with a generous competitive spirit. Anything to keep their motivation to exercise consistent. And sometimes, it pays to slow down and smell the roses flowers. Becoming blinded by success can lead to ruin. The paradox is we have no idea what we’re capable of, until we push our limits.

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Someone Asked jeff noel, Baby Boomer Tribal Leader, What Motivates Him To Motivate Others

Gandhi and Kobe are both professionals. Their similarities are dfferent.

Someone asked jeff noel, Baby Boomer Tribal Leader, what motivates him to motivate others. To which jeff noel replied, “Have you never heard what Gandhi said, You must become the change you wish to see in the world?”

In life, messages come and go. Some are so profound, we carry them with us forever.

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