How Much Fat?

Fish Are Friends, Not Food?
Fish Are Friends, Not Food?

Do you have passion? I mean, passion for your health.  Do you have it?

Most don’t.  How do I know?  Because I’m a wellness expert. As Malcolm Gladwell points out in his best-selling book, The Tipping Point, anyone who invests 10,000 hours in a specific area will become excellent at it.

So, how do you define passion?  How about FANATICAL?  Does that work for you?

Every chance we get to get a glimpse at our health numbers, we should fanatically do it.

Like three days ago at Gold’s Gym. Free body fat percentage testing. Free. Can’t beat that price.  Took less than one minute.

Sixteen percent.  Anything under 19% is considered excellent. Bet you have no clue, and you have no clue because you really, deep down inside, don’t want to know.

How do I know?  Wellness expert.  Remember?

Master’s Athlete of the Year 2009

Master's Athlete of the Year, Rita Hanscom
Master's Athlete of the Year, Rita Hanscom

Rita Hanscom was selected as Master’s Track and Field Athlete of the Year for 2009.

Rita Hanscom (San Diego, Calif.): Named World Masters Athlete of 2009 by the IAAF and World Masters Athletics after winning five gold medals in Lahti and setting a world record in the W55 heptathlon. She’s a deputy attorney general for the state of California.

The photo above is from the 2009 Master’s Track & Field Outdoor World Championships in Lahti, Finland. It was a privilege to meet Rita and her son and daughter.

In Finland, there was a sense of community and fellowship among the 5,300 athletes from 80 countries. It’s challenging to explain. It was unique, competitive, healthy and vibrant, supportive.  Amazingly supportive.

Who couldn’t use as much of that that the law will allow, in pursuing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

USATF Masters Track Press Release

Shot Put
Shot Put

USATF Press Release, February 8, 2010: United States Largest Master’s Track & Field Indoor World Championships Ever, heading to Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada.

Click here to read the official USATF Press Release.

The past few weeks have been a painful reminder how challenging it is to stay motivated. Most of us can eventually find a compelling reason(s) to get healthy.

Few of us find compelling, long-term reasons.

That is why it is essential to figure out a million ways to stay motivated. A million.  Are ya with me.  Succeed or fail.  There is no middle ground.

USA Track and Field does it for me.  For now.

What’s doing it for you?