Lane 8 Story (cont.)

Lane 8 story continued from yesterday:

“Your Dad stopped talking about the pain a while back, but you do remember him thinking he might not be able to do it?  Yet he kept saying that a person only turns 50 once.

Your Dad dreamed on making it to the semi-finals, the top 24 in the world.  He even dreamed of making it into the top 20. In the entire world.

Your Dad always says, “If your goal isn’t impossible, you’re not reaching high enough”.

Deep in his heart is this desire to see you graduate from High School.  And deeper still, to see you get married and have a family of your own.

He says the odds are stacked against him, because of the family history of Heart Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease.

And he says the odds don’t mean much to a person who believes the impossible is possible.

He also believes he can help raise enough money to find a cure for your incurable disease”.

to be continued…..