You’re disability is invisible

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Random stumble upon by a good friend at Universal Studios yesterday.


Your (and my) disability is invisible. You (and i) can’t see it.

It’s holding you (me) back.

It will always hold you (me) back.

Until you (i) learn to live with it.

It could be apathy, excuses, addictions, distractions.

Whatever it is, it is a real thing, even if you (i) can’t see it.

Resolve to see it.

Then once you (i) know what it looks like, destroy it.

Lead (yourself) like you mean it.

There is no other option, and even if there was, it’s would be even more invisible. Ridiculous, i know. As ridiculous as not slaying our motivational disability.




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Disney Creativity & Lane 8?

Can Lane 8 learn anything from Disney’s creative strategies and tactics?

The obvious answer is yes.

By the way, the only reason I’m able to run at such a high level is because, as an experiment, I started applying the Disney principles to running.

Just before I turned 40, I started running to improve my health and am now into my 11th consecutive year – and about seven years ago, I had a crazy idea.   Here’s the short story

I decided to do an experiment.

To prove Disney philosophies can work anywhere, I began applying them to running.  The results have been staggering.

Anyway, here’s another jeff noel midlife You Tube clip – this one on Running and Disney Creativity.

I used to feel free to make excuses for why I was stuck, or why I wanted to quit.  I didn’t do it often.

The road to excellence has no finish line.  I know everyone is fighting a hard battle.  Me too.

But if you think you’ve got challenges, ask Nick Vujicic.

Carpe diem and thank you for visiting.

PS. Peace, jeff noel 🙂