Disney Creativity & Lane 8?

Can Lane 8 learn anything from Disney’s creative strategies and tactics?

The obvious answer is yes.

By the way, the only reason I’m able to run at such a high level is because, as an experiment, I started applying the Disney principles to running.

Just before I turned 40, I started running to improve my health and am now into my 11th consecutive year – and about seven years ago, I had a crazy idea.   Here’s the short story

I decided to do an experiment.

To prove Disney philosophies can work anywhere, I began applying them to running.  The results have been staggering.

Anyway, here’s another jeff noel midlife You Tube clip – this one on Running and Disney Creativity.

I used to feel free to make excuses for why I was stuck, or why I wanted to quit.  I didn’t do it often.

The road to excellence has no finish line.  I know everyone is fighting a hard battle.  Me too.

But if you think you’ve got challenges, ask Nick Vujicic.

Carpe diem and thank you for visiting.

PS. Peace, jeff noel 🙂