Hurricane season and Lane 8

Lane 8 and hurricane season have a common thread.  A David versus Goliath type of thread.

A big, formidable foe, and a lowly and weak opponent.

Humans versus a category four hurricane.  Who loses?  Humans.

David versus Goliath.  Looking at the two, most would bet on the giant – the obvious, overwhelmingly physically superior human.

Ya still with me?

With proper preparation, a foe’s strengths can be mitigated.

We can’t stop hurricanes, but we can wisely prepare for them.

We also can’t stop the aging process, but with dedicated and consistent focus, we can age wisely.  Certainly, at the very least, we can make it better than if we do nothing.

We also might surprise ourselves at the house we can build, if we plan ahead, and work hard.

That’s why I think going to Finland in August is such a David versus Goliath feat.

Win or lose, I’ll leave nothing on the track.

Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂

PS.  If you do happen to click on the Finland in August link, scroll to the 400 meters.  There I am, next to last.

By jeff noel

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