What’s the point of being alive if we don’t try to do something impossible?

Dead tree in at the forest's edge
A beautiful piece of Nature’s art?


Dead tree on forest's edge
Yes, a masterpiece – if only we are alive enough to notice


What’s the point of being alive if we don’t try to do something impossible?

Remember Mid Life Celebration’s definition?

Impossible isn’t something no one’s ever done. It’s something we’ve never done.

Big difference. Important difference. Because it eliminates 99% of our excuses.

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Why the world championships?

childhood dreams
A 2009 senior Olympics Gold medal


Today’s post reflects back four years to the day – March 1, 2009 – and a post answering why does jeff noel want to go, and thinks it’ even possible to go, to the Masters Track and Field World Championships in Finland.

Part of it lies in the notion we want to stay healthy as we age. And part that we don’t want to die with too many unfulfilled childhood dreams.

This month jeff noel is encouraging Mid Life Celebration readers to follow all five daily blogs about work life balance. It’s a breeze to go from this physical health blog to the spiritual health blog, just click -> go to Next Blog


What to do when your exercise routine falters

Read the fifth line from the top… (impossibly high expectations)…

impossible goals
what if the news was only good news?

What to do when our exercise routine falters? Do whatever it takes to stop the leak. And worst case, if we can’t stop the leak (absence from exercise), “plug the hole” with whatever’s available (maybe a quick walk) as soon as possible.

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Associate With Excellence And Aspire To Lofty Places

Birds of a feather flock together. Associate with best in class.

Read carefully under Pre’s name, “America’s Most Famous Distance Runner”

Setting the bar too low and reaching it is worse than setting it too high and failing.

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“I Got Tons Of Blood Work, Every Test Imaginable”

Mac & cheese or….Lobster, sweet potato, asparagus, corn-on-the-cob? Eating healthy is critical. Photo 2005.

Public Service Announcement. jeff noel’s Lane 8 Blog may seem like a running blog, but deep down, it’s about our physical health. jeff noel just happens to be a runner to stay healthy.

Saying that, another reminder, the original tagline here was, If your goal isn’t impossible, you’re not reaching high enough.

It would be impossible for jeff noel to raise enough money to help find a cure for this disease our son has had since he turned 4.

Here’s to our impossible health goal(s).

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