Lane 8 is Impossible?

Is Lane 8 impossible?

Yes.  Absolutely impossible.

That’s what I told a friend yesterday at lunch.  We were at Hartsfield International Airport, on our way home from Pittsburgh.

She asked, “Why is it impossible”? I smiled  and answered, “Because there are so many people who can run faster than me.  Plus, I was never a great runner”.

Then I added, “But because I’ve been focused and disciplined for a decade, if the best runners have their worst day, and I have my best day, I could be in the mix for Lane 8”.

I said,  “If I can make it to the finals, I will absolutely be the slowest runner there”.

Lane 8 is where the slowest runner is put.  Lane 1 is the next slowest .  The fastest are in the middle.

She really didn’t understand exactly what I was talking about.

This is a David versus Goliath story.  A story that is being told so my son, who’s eight, will have a memory and a metaphor about his Dad at age 50.

“When my Dad turned 50, he competed at the Master’s Track & Field World Championships in the 400 meters – many say it’s the sport’s toughest race”.

It’s my hope that he’ll always remember that in life we have two choices:

  1. To try to be the fastest of the slowest.
  2. To try to be the slowest of the fastest.

It’s simply a family story and a vision he can use to make choices about how hard to try and why, as he goes through life.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather try and fail than not try at all.

Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂

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