Six Days

Six Days.  Hard to believe.  World Championships, here we come.

I taught all day yesterday at an Orlando Convention Center.  Doing the same today.  Went to the gym after teaching, but was very tired and compromised with a short, and easy core workout.  Didn’t even break a sweat, that’s how light I went.

Unlike previous years, where I was training madly all the way up to the big event – pushing myself to the limits – I’m trying an opposite approach this time.

My intensity has gradually softened.  The hamstring strain from a few weeks ago is the key driver for this. It’s a blessing in disguise.  Maybe.  Maybe not.

It has forced me to back off.  Backing off means less intensity.  Less intensity might mean a more rested body.

A more rested body might perform better on the world stage.

I sure hope so.  Either way, I am working incredibly hard at the mantra I developed several years ago, after ripping a hamstring for the second consecutive year.

“Stay Healthy.  Have Fun”!

Like everything else in life, “It sure looks good on paper”.

The single most important lesson and motivation through this ten-year journey?

Find out tomorrow.  Until then, carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂

By jeff noel

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