Masters Track & Field

Masters Track & Field.

I thank God that there are people who organize Track & Field meets and running events.


Because it gives adults 30 to 100 years old several reasons to be active:

  1. It’s organized
  2. You can pick your level of competitiveness, or not
  3. It’s local and global
  4. There’s passion for health, wellness & well-being
  5. It’s done in age groups to make it “fair”
  6. It provides a reason, or purpose, to get and stay active
  7. It attracts diverse group of like-minded people
  8. It provides wide variety of options: sprints, distance and field
  9. Running or walking is what the human body was made to do
  10. It showcases that anything is possible, for anyone – shares hope

This isn’t for everyone.  Find your unique way to get and stay active. Masters Track & Field is just one option.

Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂

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