Lane 8 Back @ Gold’s Gym

Lane 8 is back at Gold’s Gym.  My son and I went to Gold’s Gym Orlando yesterday, for the first time in three weeks.

He went to play in the Kiddie Gym, a very cool perk for this world class Gold’s Gym facility.

There are a only a few people at Gold’s that knew I was heading to Finland.  So, John came up to me and asked, “How’d you do”?

It was challenging for me to answer his question.  I hesitated.  I faltered a little bit.


Because trying to explain the “results” is complex.

In the real world, I sucked.  I was about 20 places behind my goal.

In the big picture however, I was a true champion, a gold medal performance.  This is the lesson our son should take away from this experience:

“Your Dad did his very best.  For a decade, he worked desperately hard and persevered.  He never quit.

He shouldn’t have gone to Finland.  He wasn’t ready.  His injuries did not allow him to compete at his best.  And yet, despite all the invisible barriers, he went anyway, and still managed to represent Team USA, without getting hurt.

He learned a lot, gained valuable experience, and is re-committed to staying healthy and continuing on this remarkable journey”.

… be continued…….

Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂

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