Heart Health at Lane 8?

Heart Health at Lane 8?

Couple updates as I type from my family physician’s waiting room.   I’ve been a patient here for 25 years, since we first moved to Central Florida.

My visit is over, and I wanted to post before I got too busy.

Had an excellent five-mile run this morning.  At the end, I planned a one-mile time-trial.  Clocked 5:24. Not bad.  No pain.

My family physician tells me there are risks, of course, for a second cortisone shot. Heck, there are risks for virtually everything.  Driving to work. The wrong person eating too many peanuts can die.

My podiatrist makes another cortisone shot sound like a no brainer.  My physical therapist makes it sound like the plague.

On top of all this, I crank out a great practice mile time without pain. And yesterday, I felt the pain was getting worse.

I told my wife I feel like I’m on a roller coaster.

So, I’ll pray for wisdom and guidance.  Not only for me, but for everyone.

Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂

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