Dude, you pretty fast

At yesterday’s Watermelon 5k, I ran 20:35.

This is not a bad time considering:

  1. I’m 50
  2. I’m a sprinter
  3. I have not been training for 5k races

So, I was pleased with the time.  It was about where I figured it would be, based on the way I measure my progress.

The plan was to run 6:50 mile pace until the final 800 meters.

It worked out better than I expected:  Mile splits – 6:45 – 6:40 – 6:35.

Running negative splits is incredibly difficult.  I hope to do it at 400 meters also – which is unheard of.

I never said I follow where the path leads, did I?  🙂

See ya tomorrow?

Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂

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