Over and Over and Over and Over and…

Pond Scum

Looking much more closely and curiously at nature, stunning, unobservable beauty is revealed. The beauty in repetition is that it teaches us the fundamental law that effort equals results. Good effort, good results. Great effort, great results. No effort, no results.


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What Is One Of jeff noel’s Biggest Health Secrets?

Fall In Love With The Daily Gift of Being Alive

What is one of jeff noel’s biggest health secrets? It’s the daily, repetitive, mundane, unglamorous focus on staying motivated. Of pushing through all the predicatable excuses for not exercising. The daily grind of never giving up.

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Yesterday’s Message Was Carved In Stone. Ever Wonder Why?

Some messages are so important, we actually carve them in stone, so they can never be erased. I’m posting this photo two days in a row. It’s that important.

Repetition Is the Mother Of All Learning

Our future health is in our hands, no one else’s.

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