Supposing you have a functional body…

clever tee shirt
What if the tee shirt read: I Am Active?


Supposing you’re an adult and you have a functional body where you can walk, bend, reach, etc.

Do you do enough of that to raise your heart rate and engage your metabolism in such a way that your body thanks you for using it?

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Don’t quit is so cliche’

Sanibel sunset
While watching the Sanibel sunset, i did a 180 and saw this.


Don’t quit is so cliche’.

Common sense isn’t the same thing as conventional wisdom.

Common sense is an irrefutable truth.

Conventional wisdom often disregards common sense, because common sense is so difficult.

Don’t quit.

Good luck with that.




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These seven universally apply to any type of exercise

World class wellness tips on napkin
A simple, profound list.


These seven universally apply to any type of exercise:

  1. Anaerobic/Endurance
  2. Aerobic/Strength
  3. Core
  4. Flexibility
  5. Diet
  6. Rest
  7. Motivation/Goals

Improve one, they all improve. Neglect one, they all suffer.

Then compound the effects either way when two, three or four are improved or suffer.

Ignoring this does not negate it’s truth.

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Everyone should win this award

Disney management Speakers


(photo: Common Sense Media announces the Common Sense Seal.)

This should not be an elusive award for anyone.

Tell us again how much you believe in common sense.

Pop quiz: How long have your current exercise efforts/habits been in place?

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Why neglect them as if they don’t exist?

Homer Simpson quote on quitting


(photo: We take our cues from the Herd – shame on us… you saw the Homer Simpson quote in the photo, right?)

At their core, exercise, proper nutrition, and adequate rest – these things make perfect sense.

Why neglect them as if they don’t exist?

And we are talking about a lifetime of neglect.


If it wasn’t for exceptional health, life right now would be crushing.

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