You really looked like a runner

Runner silhouetted by sunrise
Just a few hours ago.


Doing 100-meter striders on the curves, i noticed something that was remarkable.

So when we finished and were walking i was so happy to tell him, “For the first time, you really looked like a runner.”

Dear son, here’s to hoping you always remember that moment.




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I say, “No, my race is over in less than a minute.”

2006, #10 at Nationals, M45-49 400m

Sure enough, I’m a freak when it comes to most guys (runners) my age. Who runs 400 meters? That’s only one lap on a track. It’s over in less than a minute.

Insight: We all have to decide what gets us healthy and what keeps us healthy. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it’s something.

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Runners to your mark

400 meters
my dreams to line up for the one-lap race haven't gone down the drain

I know many of you are not runners. No worries, because I know you can look past the running (the how) and see the process (the why). You know what’s way more important than which exercise or activity you do, is finding something you can stick with.

But just for a moment, can you see the runners excitedly waiting for the starter to announce the first command…”Runners, to your mark!”?

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