Don’t hold your breadth

Mrs Incredible
GNP. The vision is to deliver an incredible speech.

There is nothing more tragic than to find an individual bogged down in the length of life devoid of breadth.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Huge Subliminal Message In jeff noel’s Lane Eight Blog Post Yesterday, Did You Catch It?

Both taking self-portraits simultaneously. Unstaged.

Yes, we stopped to admire the sign and the bullet holes. Never saw any cattle.

At 52, jeff noel was one of the freshman at the 25th annual Huntsman World Senior Games. Aging athletes must be at least 50 years old or they are not eligible. So noel’s son, at 11, was by far the youngest person there. Having fun happened over and over and…..elders really do set the example. For everything. Even if it’s the example of what not to do.

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Setting Your Bar Low, But Impossible, Is Perfect

Can you begin your walking journey 4 days this week?

This is not a Mid Life Celebration contradiction. If walking four days a week for one week is something you’ve never done, consider it impossible and set out to do your impossible. Then set another impossible goal – to do it two weeks in a row.

By typical standards, this is a ridiculously “low bar” goal. But for you, it may be the triumph of your lifetime. Build on it. Go.

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Can A Boomer Systematically Rid Themselves Of All The Excuses To Not Get Moving?

Sounds Exciting, But Looks Confusing & Chaotic

No plan for success will work if we don’t. How difficult would it be to make a list of the common excuses that keep us Boomers from being active? An excuse like: “I can not go for a walk four or five times a week”.

If my posts sound like I’m writing to an audience, I am, but it’s an audience of one. Me. Everyday it’s the same, find a million ways to not quit. We better be the first in our own line to volunteer to help ourselves.

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