Physical fear, failure and finish lines

A outdoorsman’s friend’s t-shirt…

hike naked

Physical fear, failure and finish lines. Competition as a carrot to keep moving, is the best thing an aging Baby Boomer can use to make exercise fun, exciting, and challenging… can you imagine doing anything for the rest of your life that wasn’t?

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Insight: Think the finish line for the end of our life is distant? Truth? No one knows. Let’s hope it is. Why not stay healthy for the entirity?

Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs Understand What Bootstrapping A Startup Business Means

Lunches on a budget and on a Zion trail
We paused for most of the meal, but then resumed our quest for Temple of Sinawava
All three - jeff noel, Chapin Noel & Jack the Bear - made it safely

jeff noel’s MBA continues while he grows his bootstrapping skills as a Baby Boomer entrepreneur. Cereal and fruit in the hotel room for breakfasts. Peanut butter sandwiches and fruit for lunches. Modest dinners in local restaurants. The reason most small biz startups fail is because there’s a ton of heavy lifting that most can’t endure. Just a simple fact of life. noel knows it all too well.

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Stay Healthy, Have Fun And Keep Moving Forward

Stay healthy, have fun. Brought an assistant (11) along on his 1st business trip.
One of my assistant's duties was to digitally capture the Senior Games story.
He did an excellent job on his first day.

Boomers, staying healthy is key to enjoying age group competition. But physical health isn’t the only thing Mid Life Celebration focuses on. Like many Boomers nearing retirement age, jeff noel operates a Health and Wellness business as a speaker and writer. Attending the Huntsman Senior Games was his son’s first business trip. When you stay with something long enough, opportunities you never dreamed of are placed in your path.

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