How much should we push ourselves?

Run Disney local 5k
Windermere is the site of this week’s 5k.


How much should we push ourselves? In the 10 miles above, only two weren’t negative splits. The last mile. It was a cool down. Mile six was a bit of recovery after two miles of serious hills.

The next blog is about our spirit. How much should we push ourselves there?

Raise our vibrancy in one area, they all rise. Drop in one, they all suffer.

It works like that at Disney. It works like that for you.

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The older we get, the more difficult it is to break a boundary or limit

Allen's Creamery in Windermere, FL


(photo: Allen’s Creamery in downtown Windermere, FL… they also serve breakfast)

The older we get, the more difficult it is to break a boundary or limit. Why? Because we’ve been there, done that.

We’ve tested our limits and we think we know them well.

Remember when we were 13?

Nearly every new thing was an opportunity to push our limits.

Riding 12.6 miles round trip was pathetic compared to the 170-mile Cross Florida Ride (completed in ’85 and again in ’86) done in one day.

But for a 13-year old, it was his biggest athletic moment.

It was cool to witness.

Be well today.

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It’s obvious by the closed eyes this comes with the territory

Phillies stadium
Never a shortage of interesting places, many are visited before breakfast.


Sitting in Philadelphia International airport waiting for a short flight to NYC and eating a slice of pizza for lunch.

Too busy to run this morning (and too tired and too cold).

Too busy to write – until now.

Looking around, it’s obvious by the closed eyes in the boarding area that this comes with the territory.

Figure it out.

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Pick up the pace when you’re hungry to show you love life

staying healthy
to them, I’m Uncle jeff, and hopefully, an example of how to stay healthy for a lifetime


Pick up the pace when you’re hungry to show you love life.

Live like you mean it. Life is not a dress rehearsal.

When was the last time we exercised?

Was it yesterday? Was it 30 years ago?

This month jeff noel is encouraging Mid Life Celebration readers to follow all five daily blogs about work life balance. It’s a breeze to go from this physical health blog to the spiritual health blog, just click -> go to Next Blog


Dream Big

The original tag line for Lane 8 was:

Dream Big.  Get There.  Stay There.

Take your time but hurry up.  The clock is ticking.

And remember to go a little easy on yourself.  But not for long though. Coaches push others to their limits. We must learn to do this with ourselves.  What do you think?

If you don’t, who will?  If not today, or this week, when?

We will fail.  It’s inevitable.  However, I believe failure is simply a test to see if we were serious or not.

Are you?