How did you become so physically fit?

One mile time for M50-54
It ain’t braggin’ if you can do it – it’s more like ‘show me the money’.


How did you become so physically fit?

A question no one ever asks a fit person.

Astonishing really.

Why is that?

And how does a 54 year old run a mile in 5:38 two days before double inguinal hernia repair surgery?

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Everyone Deserves Balance In Their Life

Be one. For yourself. You more than deserve it.

Bad habits unwittingly sabotage our odds for work life balance. We don’t develop bad habits on purpose. But what we accept by default becomes our standard, even if it has negative outcomes.

The most important goal then, is to reverse the process. I finally had a conversation with myself and said, “If you know this, why aren’t you changing?”

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jeff noel Writes To Himself, For Himself (And No One Knew, Nor Cared)

Walt Disney's Carousel Of Progress
Keep Moving Forward - Walt Disney

No doubt many visitors have come and gone, finding jeff noel’s five main Mid Life Celebration blogs too offensive, too painful, too pushy, too true, too egotistical, too whatever blah, blah, blah.

And no doubt, a disproportionately small group of midlife Baby Boomers have found noel’s five daily blogs refreshingly inspirational. Life is hard. Life is good. Can’t have one without the other. Go.

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The Blog Whisperer Is jeff noel

It was scary just standing there. Can’t imagine going down on skis…

The Blog Whisperer is jeff noel. No one on the Internet writes 5 differently-themed blogs 365 days a year. Nor do they include a personal photo in every post.

jeff noel, founder of Mid Life Celebration, LLC has a book to write. The unwritten and unspoken message to you is that, all along, I’ve been pursuing several impossible goals.

March was put up or shut up month. Did you? Good luck in April…

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