At 52, jeff noel’s Core Is Stronger Than Ever, As Seen In This Recent Video Update

Is it possible to get better, stronger, smarter with age? Never let your memories be bigger than your dreams.

May 28, 2011, the week before my birthday, a videographer captured this core health test. The intent is to walk the talk, not showoff. Most of you get that. Maybe those that don’t someday will.

There was a time when I couldn’t hold my legs up for one second. And a time when I thought 10 seconds was amazing. Sure hope you’re comprehending this journey, and more importantly, that you have started your own.

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What About That Girl?

The girl that was engaged (but it fell apart) to be married, Cheryl, well, she moved away – far away – on my recommendation. She graduated and became a Residence Hall Director at Washington State University – the opposite corner of the Country.

I moved to Orlando, Florida to work as a Disney World Cast Member Intern – a Jungle Cruise skipper. We couldn’t have been farther apart without leaving the States.

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You Know What This Means?

When you can’t make the relay team, you know what this means? It means, at best, you’re the fifth fastest – on your team.

Not fifth fastest in your division or conference. This was sad for me. But a loop hole appeared. And…self-esteem problem solved…

The ‘freedom’ of college and the privileges that come with legal drinking age meant that by Junior year, no more Track.

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The Blog Whisperer Is jeff noel

It was scary just standing there. Can’t imagine going down on skis…

The Blog Whisperer is jeff noel. No one on the Internet writes 5 differently-themed blogs 365 days a year. Nor do they include a personal photo in every post.

jeff noel, founder of Mid Life Celebration, LLC has a book to write. The unwritten and unspoken message to you is that, all along, I’ve been pursuing several impossible goals.

March was put up or shut up month. Did you? Good luck in April…

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It’s Everything

Had a childhood dream to be an Olympic athlete. Finally came true at 50, in Finland.

Every person is telling a story. We judge ourselves on what we plan to do. Others judge us on what we’ve already done.

jeff noel has been telling a personal wellness and personal responsibility story for two solid years. Lane 8 is only one of the five (I know many of you are tired of hearing this – sorry) differently-themed blogs I write.

And this blog may stop in a few more days. Not for good, but for a while. Just didn’t want you to be caught off guard, in case you don’t follow the other 4 blogs.

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