A Story

Life’s important lessons are passed down and taught from one generation to the next. The original “Internet” was a story – told to another, usually in a cave, sitting around a fire.

Famous people tell stories others readily listen to. Oprah, for example.

Non-famous people tell stories too. jeff noel, for example. But their audience is smaller. Much smaller……until the Internet actually became the world wide web, about 18 years ago.

What does this have to do with health, fitness, diet and well being?

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jeff noel & Son

How’s your March Wellness Challenge going?

jeff noel & son begin week 4 of the one mailbox a day for a week challenge. We’re four weeks into it so each day we slow jog to the 4th mailbox from ours.

Orlando mailboxes are 100 meters apart, so we are slow jogging the equivalent of a single lap around the track. After one month, that’s all we have to show. PERFECT!

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Put Up Or Shut Up Month

March, at Mid Life Celebration, LLC is put up or shut up month. Sure enough, many Lane 8 readers don’t read the other 4 jeff noel blogs I write every day.

Pity. It would provide hopeful readers with a tough wellness challenge:

  • Invest 2-3 minutes every day
  • Create a balanced attack
  • Alleviate incongruence

But alas, 2-3 minutes every day is too much to ask. So put up or shut up. You still in?

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Music Inspires Olympians

Music inspires us all. Rascal Flatts’ Unstoppable must have been an anthem to many Winter Olympic athletes.

This video also inspired me. It still does.

That’s the funny thing about inspiration. It’s like a fire. You have to keep it going, or it’ll go out.

Got passion for wellness and well being?

Rekindle your fire here, every day.

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