jeff noel & Son

How’s your March Wellness Challenge going?

jeff noel & son begin week 4 of the one mailbox a day for a week challenge. We’re four weeks into it so each day we slow jog to the 4th mailbox from ours.

Orlando mailboxes are 100 meters apart, so we are slow jogging the equivalent of a single lap around the track. After one month, that’s all we have to show. PERFECT!

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jeff noel Health Update

Dear lizard-breath, how do you medicate? Let’s count the ways…

Personal health is your responsibility, making life hard.

After 2 years, jeff noel stopped taking Celebrex January 1, 2011.

The chronic foot pain from plantar fasciitis has been non-existent.

Two years was a long time to take prescription medicine.

And your health resolutions?

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Impossible Defined

How many times do we need to hear something important before it sinks in? A gazillion?

Impossible doesn’t mean something no human has ever done before.

Impossible, in jeff noel’s Lane 8 context, means something you’ve never done before.

Create your own ‘impossible’ wellness challenge. Set a deadline. Let the deadline revolve around some type of competition.

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