Shut Up (Don’t)

Same Art Show…be smart about your plan. Let it be by design, not by default…

Counter-intuitive for shy or introverted people, the last thing you should do is keep quiet about your health and wellness goals.

The very fact that you announce them, is the seed of accountability – the bottom line – your physical responsibility.

When I started running 12 years ago, all I wanted to do was “wake everything up” – knees, tendons, ligaments, muscles, lungs…

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Play Games

Is it healthy not be too serious? To have fun too?

Exercise & dieting to lose weight, or maintain a healthy weight, can be painfully boring. Here’s how I play games to battle motivational fatigue:

  1. Remind myself how great I feel compared to when I wasn’t healthy
  2. Simply smile when people say you don’t need to worry about health
  3. Enter age-group competitions
  4. Create powerful mantras

Never get bored with the basics and tune out the prevailing societal, negative psycho babble.

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