Merry Christmas 2011 From Lane 8

Some see stacked rocks and harmony. Others see a Christmas tree and joy.

As they hiked through Zion National Park, jeff noel and his son spotted four insignificant and small stones, carefully stacked by someone desiring to leave a message for others to contemplate and enjoy. At the time, October, Christmas was not on noel’s mind. Today, totally. Merry Christmas from everyone at Lane 8.

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Back To Mid Life Celebration’s Health & Wellness Story (From Zion National Park)

Not quite 9am, October 3, 2011 (perfect)

As we Baby Boomers struggle to slow down during hectic holiday and economic times, we would be wise to consider the many obvious benefits to sticking to a lifetime of physical activity, adequate rest and moderate eating. Embedded in the list is “getting to do more than if you weren’t relatively healthy”. Amen. Hard work is the short cut.

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An Important Part Of Midlife Wellness Is Rest And Rejuvenation

We had an unexpected free day, away from the Senior Games
Huntsman World Senior Games, Utah 2011

Due to the massive volume of athletes (10,000) over 10 days, advanced competition schedules were not available for Track & Field. October 3 became an unexpected free day. Zion National Park was an hour away. It was a no brainer.

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