Do you get giddy for your blood work results?

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2018 is missing because it’s been two weeks since the blood draw…have been waiting so anxiously and was concerned the bloodwork report got messed up or lost.


Do you get giddy for your blood work results?

Probably a no for most of us – at least for me for the past decade – ever rising cholesterol.

Is it possible to reverse our yearly results-anxiety?

Yes, for example…

Concerned enough to try better habits over the past couple years.

These assorted eating habit changes led to a dramatically different cholesterol report last year.




Total cholesterol under 200 and LDL under 130 for the first time in at least a decade.


  • eliminate sugar
  • dramatically increase fresh fruit intake
  • eliminate fast food
  • drastically reduced processed food intake
  • virtually eliminate protein bars (was eating four a day)
  • dramatically increase super-food intake (avocados, certain berries and nuts)

Yesterday’s results yielded highest HDL (71) ever and lowest LDL (102) ever.


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