So Then What Happened?

USA Team Jacket
USA Team Jacket

So the second week, I ran two mailboxes a day. Third week, three mailboxes a day.

Yes, many of you have heard this before.  Which is one of the secrets to excellent results – repetition.  Never get tired of doing the basic, common sense things.

Stories are critical to perpetuating past success and moving to even greater success. You already knew that right?

Eventually, the goals became impossible, but their pursuit was compelling.

What’s fascinating is how intense it was to rise to the level of representing the United States at the 2009 Master’s Track & Field World Championships, without anyone knowing.

Neighbors. Family. Work. Ten years. Ten years of dedicated, relentless effort.

Invisible to everyone around me. For a decade.

Now, neighbors know.  And Family knows. Yet to this day, most where I work have no idea.

And so the question today is this, “What is your impossible goal and will you persue it without any fanfare or glory, but just for the sake that it’s a noble goal?”

Happy Good Friday

Of the many blessings we have, being alive is at the top of my list.

Well, almost.

You mean being alive isn’t at the top of your list?

No, not at the very top.  It’s second, I think.

At the very top is the fact that Jesus died to save the world.  Whether you believe this or not, doesn’t change the fact that I believe it.

And, the fact that I believe it, doesn’t mean if you believe otherwise, that I think you are wrong.  Who the heck am I to judge someone else?  No one.

Being in a world where diversity of thought and belief, is valued and respected, is also at the top of my list.

Told you all of that to tell you this.   Today’s run was a blessing.  Literally pain free.  I believe God may want me to keep going on this impossible journey to make it to the finals at August’s World Championships.

Count your blessings.  Never give up.  Respect others.  Love your neighbor.  Do something great.  Inspire others by the courage of your own example.  Carpe diem, jeff 🙂