The Mirror Is The Enemy

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall
Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

As we heard yesterday, humans need a million reasons (fuel) to stay motivated with their health and wellness goals. It would be great if the motivation we so desperately need could also be found at our workplace.

However, even if our companies offer health and wellness programs, odds are, in reality, few will take action.

Does your organization have wellness programs and initiatives?

Do they:

  1. Inspire you?
  2. Motivate you?
  3. Reward you?
  4. Make a difference for you?

How well do they work?

Been thinking about a reader’s question, “How to keep employees healthy in an unhealthy environment?”

The bottom line reason people aren’t motivated is because they haven’t found a personal, compelling reason.

And, the personal, compelling reason is different for each of us.  Common themes to be sure, but different personal reasons.

Try some of these on for size:

Be the change.

Action not words.

Do it for someone else.

Lead by example.

Are you an example or a warning?

Fear of regret is greater than fear of failure.

Take personal responsibility.

The greatest fear is the fear of living.

Live, before you die.

Your people are not using the tools you provide because no one wants to work hard. Every company struggles with this. Programs do not address root issues – motivation, barriers, fear.

The reason no one wants to work hard is because they are not motivated enough. They are looking in the wrong places for motivation.

They should not look in the mirror. They should look in their heart, which a mirror does not recognize.

These are the “sound bite” summary ideas around a reader’s question. Thought it would benefit everyone.

But it probably will only benefit a few, the ones who know that the mirror is the enemy.

Exercise Change Leadership?

Change leadership.  Personal leadership.  Great Leaders use these buzzwords.  And why not?  They sound inspiring and focused.

All with a simple purpose – to make things better. And it’s harder than ever to make things better.

So, how can we make things better?

What if we restated the beginning phrases:

  1. Transformational change
  2. Transformational leadership

And it all starts with the person in the mirror.  And next it starts with a commitment to get healthy and stay healthy.

Ya in?