If you hate running, you’re doing it wrong

Windermere Prep Athletics sign


A relative asked for advice on how to get ready for a “Warrior 5k” in only four weeks.

Also yesterday, a former colleague “wished everything didn’t hurt” when she tried running.

Two thoughts:

  1. Slow and steady wins the race.
  2. If you don’t like running, you’re doing it wrong.

What makes me an expert? Don’t really know, except that i run. A lot. And have for a long time.

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Why would we not exploit this key wellness insight?

Early morning commute, time and temperature near Disney
Heading to work before sunrise. Chilly too.


The effect regular exercise has on our attitude, our spirit, our work and our home life is extraordinary.

Why would we not exploit that?

Is it because we can’t afford it? The time to do it, is that what we can’t afford?

Or is it that we can’t afford the risk it takes to let go of the things holding us back from carving out the time and commitment?

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Hell bent on never letting that happen

Orlandos Top Disney Speakers


(photo: One of Walt Disney World’s Main Entrances. This one is at Crossroads.)

Spent 15 years traveling the globe revealing the ‘why’ for Disney. People let the what and the how get in the way of their breakthrough. Hell bent on never letting that happen.

What’s the one most important consideration for a lifetime of health, wellness, and balance?

What would you say?

Imagine the power in having an instantaneous answer.

We get hung up (lost even) in the how and the what.  Forget those. Think ‘why?’

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