When you relentlessly look for light in the physical darkness

Arnold Palmer quote
Wonder if Arnie was referring to staying active for a lifetime.


When you relentlessly look for light in the physical darkness be prepared.

Be prepared.

For a breakthrough.

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Had my paradigm destroyed yesterday

Winter Garden Florida
Biked 24 miles round trip to drop off some paperwork. Normal paradigm is to drive that distance for an errand.


Had my paradigm destroyed yesterday.

Up until yesterday, i thought of the gym as strength exercises and core exercises.

Charles, a personal trainer about my age, observed a few of the things i was doing and this ultimately ended with me getting schooled.

What if every exercise is a core exercise?

It should be.

And thanks to Charles, i’m ready to .think .differently about core.




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Surprise, surprise, surprise

In each photo, catch the first (shorter) blue horizontal line – the mile times…


Map My Run iPhone screen shot
Yesterday, the first mile time trial.


Map My Run iPhone screen shot
Yesterday, the second mile time trial.


The night before, i was all excited about running in the morning. But when the morning came yesterday, it was really humid, and i just wasn’t feeling it, blah, blah, blah. Plus the time pressure of having an early High School tour.

But then, a runner. He unexpectedly came from behind and passed me as i finished the first warmup mile and stopped to stretch.

He was several hundred meters ahead when the stretching was done and i decided to see if i could catch him – slow and steady of course.

While the 6:06 split was nice, i had this crazy notion of trying a second attempt to go sub-six minutes. Had never attempted it because i thought it was impossible.

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Lifetime exercise seems limited to people who truly love exercise

lake Butler Blvd in Windermere, Florida
Sharp’s Peacock Farm


Map My Run near Disney World
Yesterday’s run through Windermere.


Lifetime exercise seems limited to people who truly love exercise.

Newsflash, it’s not the magic that makes it work, it’s the hard work that makes it magic.

The refusal to quit is the secret sauce that no one talks about.

Only running three days a week as a retiree. This past week was astonishing with runs of 14, 13.1 and 10 miles.

Hidden in these numbers is the lifetime longest and second longest runs ever, in 55 years.

How is that possible?

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Hell bent on never letting that happen

Orlandos Top Disney Speakers


(photo: One of Walt Disney World’s Main Entrances. This one is at Crossroads.)

Spent 15 years traveling the globe revealing the ‘why’ for Disney. People let the what and the how get in the way of their breakthrough. Hell bent on never letting that happen.

What’s the one most important consideration for a lifetime of health, wellness, and balance?

What would you say?

Imagine the power in having an instantaneous answer.

We get hung up (lost even) in the how and the what.  Forget those. Think ‘why?’

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