Recently won a bronze medal at the Masters Track & Field Indoor World Championships

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Lane 8 is the worst lane in the 400-meter sprint. The slowest runner is placed there.


In April 1999, i began running one mailbox a day for a week.

Each new week for many months i’d add an additional mailbox.

Mailboxes in my neighborhood are 100 meters apart.

So in four weeks for example, i was running 400 meters total without stopping – the equivalent of one lap around a High School track.

Pretty impressive, right?

In 2002 i ran my first 5k.

In 2005, i competed in my first Masters Track event in Orlando.

i got hooked on the karma older athletes demonstrate.

Fast forward a decade and i represented USA in the M50-54 age group at 400 meters at the 2009 Masters Track & Field Outdoor World Championships in Finland.

Finished as the World’s 43rd fastest M50-54 400-meter sprinter.

Telling you that to provide context for this…

Recently won a bronze medal at the Masters Track & Field Indoor World Championships.


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April Fools #2

Loose Jeep tire rolling down highway
This was from yesterday’s April Fool’s Day run – a Jeep tire rolling by


Three wheeled Jeep
He is so lucky his Jeep did not roll or injure others


April Fools.

Yesterday’s ‘giving up running’ announcement was an April Fool’s joke.

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PS. Couldn’t get the camera ready quickly enough. Saw it coming from 400 meters away and it rolled past for another 400.

Giving up on running because it’s just too difficult

AAA tow truck about to tow 1990 Toyota Camry
Never ran 26.2 miles… don’t like driving 26 either.


Not everyone loves to run. Some do.


Giving up on running because it’s just too difficult.

Too much time.

Too many long term injuries.

Too challenging with all the travel and long hours.

Too many other things we could be doing with our time instead of running.

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When’s The Best Time To Be An April Fool?

Is that the world's largest dunce cap?

April Fool’s Day is an American tradition, a time to play practical jokes and have a great laugh at someone else’s gullibility. Laughter is the best medicine they say. I still chuckle at how I started running one mailbox a day back in 2000. Yep, it was April 1st. Now, 13 years later, it’s one of the best foolish things I’ve done.

Insight: A foolish beginning can lead to serious results.

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