Lane 8 What You Should Know

Can’t explain how my brain works, all I can tell you is that it is constantly turning, churning and burning.  So, this morning, like every morning after the initial routine is done, the process of writing five daily blogs begins.

Lane 8 is third in the order in which I write the five daily blogs. Stay with me, there’s a point to this.

Arriving at the WordPress Blog admin page, I create “a blank sheet of paper“.  Then I pause, think about what to write and get started.  Usually, something from the day before, or something from today’s agenda, is where the inspiration comes from.

Today is a bit more unusual. Click here to see what inspired today’s post.  Make it a GREAT day. It’s completely up to you, isn’t it?

By jeff noel

Retired Disney Institute Keynote Speaker and Prolific Blogger. Five daily, differently-themed personal blogs (about life's 5 big choices) on five interconnected sites.