Not Sure Where To Start

I don’t even know where to begin, sitting in my car here at Gold’s Gym, this morning.

What do you do?  When you’re really busy and you desperately want to workout, but your schedule and all your other life commitments are clamoring for your attention.  What do you do?

This is one of life’s truth’s – life is hard.

And one more – an object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion.

Anyway, none of you will have the guts courage to comment on the question here.  But I still love ya.

Seriously, without you, Lane 8 doesn’t matter that much, does it?

Actually, it makes all the difference in the world to my Family.  And if they are the only one’s who are helped by Lane 8, that’ll be enough.

PS.  Why the stronger tone this morning?  Because, sitting here in the car, listening to ZRadio, I’m actually trying to kick my own ass butt.

Great physical health doesn’t happen by wishing.  It happens by doing it.  Find a million ways to get and stay motivated, or you’re doomed.  Carpe diem.

By jeff noel

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