Four ways to get one in your wellness win column

wellness tips
do what comes natural to be well

Another day to win or lose. Four things to get one in your win column:

  1. move, be active
  2. eat healthy, moderate meals/snacks
  3. hydrate
  4. get adequate rest

Don’t overcomplicate wellness.

Great, you’ve read two short, pithy posts in about 45 seconds. To invest another 17-18 seconds to ponder the “look in the mirror” paradox, click mirror mirror on the wall.

Here’s one of my best kept motivational wellness secrets

lifetime exercise motivation
there are no obstacles keeping us from loving our Family

Do you have secrets? I mean, good, helpful secrets. Do you share them? Here’s one of my best kept motivational wellness secrets. Use the same level of thinking that comes with loving a Family member for a lifetime. A lifetime. Got it?!

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Daily Wellness Tips

For daily wellness tips from Everyday Health, click here. Once on the Calendar page, if you click on any date, a short, daily wellness tip will pop up for you.

Meanwhile, here are my favorite daily wellness tips:

  1. Think Big Picture – long term
  2. Be flexible with your schedule/routine
  3. Be creative with your schedule/routine
  4. Work through the mental tough spots
  5. Find a million ways to stay motivated

There are others, but these are the critical success factors that work for me. My way is not the only way. And this list is intended to share the common sense building blocks for a wide variety of approaches.

The best way, is the way that works for you.  And, generally speaking, the best way for you is the one that you never abandon.  Good luck and here’s to your health!

Top Ten Wellness Tips

Everyday Health provides email articles, if you subscribe, on a comprehensive list of Health and Wellness topics.  Yesterday was The Top Ten Wellness Tips

May I summarize what they said with ten tips, and be so bold as to say there is really only one tip?


Be the model of great health and wellness. Show the people you love, your Family, that great health isn’t a myth, isn’t something reserved for athletes, or good genes.

And be honest too.  You will have to work very hard at it your entire life.  And if you are the model, how can people say it can’t be done?