Play Games

Is it healthy not be too serious? To have fun too?

Exercise & dieting to lose weight, or maintain a healthy weight, can be painfully boring. Here’s how I play games to battle motivational fatigue:

  1. Remind myself how great I feel compared to when I wasn’t healthy
  2. Simply smile when people say you don’t need to worry about health
  3. Enter age-group competitions
  4. Create powerful mantras

Never get bored with the basics and tune out the prevailing societal, negative psycho babble.

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Daily Wellness Tips

For daily wellness tips from Everyday Health, click here. Once on the Calendar page, if you click on any date, a short, daily wellness tip will pop up for you.

Meanwhile, here are my favorite daily wellness tips:

  1. Think Big Picture – long term
  2. Be flexible with your schedule/routine
  3. Be creative with your schedule/routine
  4. Work through the mental tough spots
  5. Find a million ways to stay motivated

There are others, but these are the critical success factors that work for me. My way is not the only way. And this list is intended to share the common sense building blocks for a wide variety of approaches.

The best way, is the way that works for you.  And, generally speaking, the best way for you is the one that you never abandon.  Good luck and here’s to your health!