jeff noel Hangin’ It Up?

Will jeff noel, The Blog Whisperer, The Internet’s Only Five-a-day Blogger hang up the daily blogging, the regular exercise, the daily praying, the endless self-improvement, and the decent personal organization?

Will you? Would you? Should you?

Well, the daily blogging may need to go, until the first mega-best-selling book is finished.

Exercise, fitness, diet – these are just 1/5 of Life’s Big Choices.

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jeff noel Health Resolutions

Our lizard brain tells us it’s okay, leading us to complacency…

Stopped making health resolutions because “they don’t work”?

A self-fulfilling prophecy. Right?

At some point, victor or victim. You know this too. And you’re good with that?

Please remember, I’m pulling for you to succeed. Don’t give up – rule #1.

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You’re Late!

Returning From Camping Trip Reminded Me Of Something
Returning From Camping Trip Reminded Me Of Something

Life is constantly about making choices. One night last week it was either:

  1. Call Mark Victor Hansen
  2. Work out at Gold’s Gym

My first Best-Selling Book is underway. Mark Victor Hansen is a mentor. The 2011 Masters Track & Field World Championships are on American soil.

Tough choice for a variety of reasons. But a choice had to be made…

The guy at Gold’s Gym says, “You’re late today”.

Without thinking I replied, “Better late than giving up”.

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Not Even

A Decade To Make The USA Team
A Decade To Make The USA Team

If you’re like most people, you’re set in your ways. You talk about change, and you can easily see what others need to change, and in fact, you openly talk about those people behind their back, not because you’re mean, but simply because you are weak.

Courageous people anger others. Courageous people don’t intend that anymore than you do. We are all human, and therefore, we succumb to temptation long before we are willing to fight the good fight.

If you don’t fight for your health, who will?

If you don’t start fighting for your health today, then when?

So, as you watched yesterday’s You Tube video, rather than see some old guy showing off, remember that I couldn’t even get my legs to parallel for one second. Not even one second. Are you paying attention?

There is hope for you, but you must do two things. See you tomorrow.