The frustrations with progress, pain, and lack of fun

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Staying healthy and overcoming obstacles happens at every level


The devil is challenging us all the time. And sometimes, more than others.

These are the most important tests we can take – the ones where the frustrations with progress, pain, and lack of fun are overwhelming evidence stacked in the devil’s favor.

Just yesterday, in the final minutes of a leisurely four-mile run, a cramp-like pain in the calf.

Crazier still, it was in the cool-down phase – an almost walking pace – just before the 800 meter cool down walk home.

Iced, stretched, ibuprofen – still hurts this morning.

No run today.

Hey devil, “Go to hell”!

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Kiss our behind, devil

raunchy famous Cali surfer photo flipping the bird
un-ladylike, unsportsman like – and so is the devil


Kiss our behind, devil. It’s the devil that temps us, and ultimately convinces us, to quit.

Hey devil, you lost another battle last night. Sorry. Not trying to rub it in, but I’m definitely hinting to you that you can kiss my butt and move on. You’re wasting your time here.

Ran five miles this morning (and it’s still morning as I write this). Got nine hours of sleep last night.

Life is good… when we refuse to quit and when we know what’s important in our life, and we consistently deliver on it.

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Dear Son, Does God Ever Laugh At The Devil?

Is not being able to read the menu a good excuse?

Dear Son, I wonder if God ever laughs at the devil, because sometimes, I just have to laugh at all the pathetic excuses I make for not wanting to exercise or eat a balanced diet.

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