I Thank God For My Injuries

Windows of opportunity only offer a view if you make the effort to look out.

Dear God, thank you for my injuries. They are a gift from you.

Insight: Don’t expect your health and wellness efforts to be trial free. They won’t be. Seeing them as disaster or blessing helps shape our habits.

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Why I Thank God For Humility

There's actually a place to celebrate everything.

Dear God, thank you for my injuries, especially the ones that take years to overcome.

Insight: God loves a believer, a follower, a worshiper. Commitment is a lifetime event, no matter what.

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Does God Equipes Us With A Vivid Imagination As Children So We Can Survive As Adults?

When was the last time you saw an adult cleaning windows with this accessory?

Dear Son, the reason God equips us with a vivid imagination as a child is so we can grow and develop our creativity into a survival tool as an adult. The more we exercise our imagination, the stronger it becomes. Use this to your advantage to find a million lifetime ways to stay active and make good wellness choices.

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Dear Son, Does God Ever Laugh At The Devil?

Is not being able to read the menu a good excuse?

Dear Son, I wonder if God ever laughs at the devil, because sometimes, I just have to laugh at all the pathetic excuses I make for not wanting to exercise or eat a balanced diet.

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