Here’s an exception for saying, i can’t

Delta mobile app
Today’s post “should have been” from Lyon, France.


Began the comeback for the 2019 Masters Track & Field World Championships two days ago.

Thank you Delta and Allianz travel insurance for refunding my airfare.

Can you recall the last time you were bitter about your circumstances?

What if you couldn’t?

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Is selling ourselves short a personal choice?

Is it a personal choice to sell ourselves short, or is it society’s fault?

After having accepted that i’m not going to 2015 Worlds this week in France, a revelation this morning…

Began training today for the 2019 World Championships. i’ll be 60. Today’s easy jog reminded me of something. Prior to the injury, i was in the best shape of my adult life.

Telling you that to testify this is true…


Quote about our body
From i love to run Facebook page.


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The paradox of a crushed dream

Delta Airlines email
Upper right, Delta confirmed yesterday that the France airfare is being refunded.


Hearing about someone’s crushed childhood dream can motivate us to reconsider our own childhood dreams. We may even be inspired to live more intentionally.

I’ve often felt inspired and challenged by other’s who’ve broken away from their fear and doubt.

The ones who still believe in the awe and wonder of dreaming without limitation.

So if that happens for some of you as a result of hearing about my crushed dream to be in France this week, cool.

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Don’t be embarrassed about being a midlife geek

Father and son at airport
Seeing me off for the flight to Finland in 2009 for Worlds. He’s taller than me now.


Pulse check.

Everyone knows i don’t promote running, right?

It’s just that running works for me, so i talk about it sometimes. i’m sure you have your thing that works for you and you find lots of ways to stay motivated with it.

And if you don’t at this stage in your life, let’s assume you are looking and hopeful.

What’s happening now though is the biggest event in Masters running (only happens every two years – Senior Olympics) is going on right now in France.

i’m bit geeked out about it.

The real insight in the recent running posts isn’t about running, it’s about being honest with yourself and smiling because you have something you get geeked out about too.

My friend, former colleague, and fellow Boomer, Shelli, is a dance geek. She couldn’t hide her love for dancing if her life depended on it.

Be well.

You’re in charge.

Please don’t be embarrassed to geek out about it.

Yesterday were the qualifying rounds for the 400 meters. It would have been my first event.

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