Surprise, surprise, surprise

In each photo, catch the first (shorter) blue horizontal line – the mile times…


Map My Run iPhone screen shot
Yesterday, the first mile time trial.


Map My Run iPhone screen shot
Yesterday, the second mile time trial.


The night before, i was all excited about running in the morning. But when the morning came yesterday, it was really humid, and i just wasn’t feeling it, blah, blah, blah. Plus the time pressure of having an early High School tour.

But then, a runner. He unexpectedly came from behind and passed me as i finished the first warmup mile and stopped to stretch.

He was several hundred meters ahead when the stretching was done and i decided to see if i could catch him – slow and steady of course.

While the 6:06 split was nice, i had this crazy notion of trying a second attempt to go sub-six minutes. Had never attempted it because i thought it was impossible.

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