Tyson Gay Beats Usain Bolt Video

Official Team USA Jersey
Official Team USA Jersey

Yesterday in Stockholm, the two fastest men in the history raced in the 100 meters.

Usian Bolt from Jamaica and Tyson Gay from United States were meeting for only the third time ever.

Usain Bolt beat Tyson Gay at the 2008 Olympics, setting a world record in 9.69, andĀ again at the 2009 World Championships.

Bolt currently holds the world record at 9.58.

Here’s the race. (they’re in the blocks at 7:00 minute mark if you want to fast forward)

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World’s Fastest Humans

Usain Bolt, world’s fastest human, interviewed by Michael Johnson, former world record holder 200 meters and current world record holder 400 meters. What you can expect from this is a casual approach by two extraordinary humans. And even if you are not a runner, you have the opportunity to see best-in-class and look for ways to adopt their attitude and approach into your own approach:

Only One Man In History

Humans Are Born To Run
Humans Are Born To Run

Significant human achievements, especially “firsts”, are rare. And they are rare because no human has ever done such a thing before. If we are lucky, we may see a few in our lifetimes.

What comes to mind from your own experience?

Tyson Gay, second fastest human ever, in the history of the world, is the ONLY human to run:

  1. sub 10 in 100 meters
  2. sub 20 in 200 meters
  3. sub 45 in 400 meters

A few weeks ago, Tyson ran a 400 meters PR 44.89, to set the milestone above.

If you enjoy Track & Field or have a curiosity about the current hype between Tyson Gay, Usain Bolt and Asafa Powell – the three fastest humans of all time are running in the same lifetime, in the same meets – then you will probably enjoy thisĀ article from IAAF.org