Five countries with runners under 45 seconds

2015 World Championships 400m final
Yesterday’s 2015 World Championship 400m final. USA’s LaShawn Merritt gets silver.


400 meter world champ from South Africa
South Africa wins it first medal ever in the World Championships 400m.


Fastest 400 meter final ever
Yesterday’s 400m final results.


Ordinary is what we expect.

Yet extraordinary is happening constantly.

Yesterday was a special moment for South Africa and for the 400 meter race at the 2015 Track & Field World Championships in Beijing’s Birdnest stadium (home of the 2008 Olympic Games).

Never before have three runners in the same heat broken the 44-second barrier.

The winner ran the 4th fastest 400 meters ever, in the history of Track & Feld.

Michael Johnson holds the world record (since 1999) at 43.18.

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