Ready To Build Your Fire?

Lots of Fuel, Arranged Just Right
Lots of Fuel, Arranged Just Right

Most people have had so little experience in the wilderness, that making a campfire is foreign to them. And making a campfire is more involved than it seems.

As a Boy Scout and then again in Outward Bound, we were taught to prepare the wood as if we only had only one match left. If you didn’t prepare properly, and the one match you had went out…

Just throw it in the microwave. Or, order delivery. Or maybe, stop by on the way home for take-out.

Well, it’s like that for our health too.

It may not seem so, but most really don’t have much experience being successful in building healthy habits.

Hey, I’m not making this up. ¬†Look around. ¬†There’s your validation.

It’s epidemic. And we have the opportunity to resolve to be part of the minority – the healthy minority.

And if we can get enough of the minority to change, we can start a movement to become the healthy majority.

Who doesn’t want that for their children, their nieces and nephews?

By jeff noel

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