Good new, bad news?

Good news, bad news?

Bad news is I still have left heel pain, intermittently.

Good news is the staff at Florida Hospital rehab center said I’m the most symmetrical person they’ve ever seen.  🙂

What else would they say?  It’s their job to make people feel good about themselves.   Let me tell you, it sure worked yesterday.  🙂

The goal was to test my core.   Why?

After three consecutive years of season-ending injuries, it’s time to start a season with a good, honest look at weak spots and opportunities.

While I still have work to do, overall, my core and symmetry is excellent.

Gotta go run five miles.  I’m praying for a pain-free run, plus world peace, an end to hunger and poverty, and a wish that everyone will be blessed beyond measure today.  Carpe diem, jeff  🙂

By jeff noel

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