72-hour challenge

Yesterday, met Cheryl at work so we could ride together to Epcot last night. Took this photo of the 2001 photo in her office. i began a consistent workout habit this same year.

Three days later, wrist is improving.

Ice, heat, ibuprofen, and a wrist brace.


Common sense.

Amazing what can happen in three days.

Remarkable what can happen in nearly two decades using common sense.

Will i return to running soon?

Will you?

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We began jogging two mailboxes a day this week

College recruitment poster at high school
Yesterday, at High School – college recruiting is a big deal there.


We began jogging two mailboxes a day this week, our third week now since starting this journey on Halloween. The first two weeks were one mailbox a day.

Reminded the High School freshman that we will look back on these early days and be thankful and mindful that “slow and steady” is an unbeatable strategy – as long as we stay with it.




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Just get started, please

Map My Run photo
Negative splits and the final mile the fastest.


Just get started, please.

Time, comparison, inability, lack of motivation, procrastination.

Screw those things.

Note: When i started running in 1999, 100 meters was all i could do. Yesterday however, mile 8 was the final (and fastest) mile if you subtract mile 9 as a cool down and mile 10 as a walk (additional cool down).

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The only time you should ever hate running

data is everywhere
What does the data show about the pros and cons of running?


A friend said he was thinking about running. As in becoming a ‘runner’.

He’s never been a runner. He’s mid to late 40’s.

People who aren’t runners generally hate running.

Why hate running?

Told him the only time you should ever hate running is when you are doing too much of it.

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