A new worry to worry about (and slay)

Orlandos Best Disney Keynote Speakers


(photo: Walt Disney World Resort’s Team Disney building… site of yesterday’s meeting and lunch)

A new worry to worry about (and slay).

Gaining weight from being home too much and eating because of stress.

Five new pounds in the first ten days of retirement.

The good news? Was down to 153. So in reality, only up two.

Whatever, right?

Imagine getting to a place where you can feel the difference in two pounds – either way.

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Saturday and Sunday taken as active rest

Montessori World School Owl room


ATT Family Sharing Plan estimates


(photos: Dropping an 8th grader off on a Sunday morning for day-long classroom project made it convenient to stop by ATT for an inquiry… two hours later MLC has a new, better, contract)

There’s an intriguing correlation between improving one area in our life and the degree to which the other areas are similarly impacted even though the ripple effect wasn’t our motive.

Sometimes change is forced our way and sometimes we control whether change can happen or not. And generally we are resistant to change, so we fight it when it’s forced, and we’d much rather take comfort in tradition and routine.

The reason both weekend days were active rest is because Mid Life Celebration is ‘closed’ on weekends – a “money” decision rippling into body.

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Never have any more unremarkable days?

Church sign at night


(photo: Yesterday morning’s run… tried to capture the Church sign’s address… Flint, MI… for posterity… camera didn’t cooperate)

Can we get to a point where our days are no longer unremarkable?

Driving to Detroit in 90 minutes to fly home from what is now officially the last business trip as a Walt Disney World Cast Member.

Yesterday’s run was the next to last road trip run and in a few minutes, this morning’s run will be the last as a Cast Member.

Our lives click by one unremarkable day at a time.

The opportunity is to work hard to get to a place where we never have any more unremarkable days.

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Be these four things when the going gets tough

Texas Interstate overpass graffiti


(photo: Be someone who never quits maintaining their health, no matter what)

When we find ourselves in the midst of especially trying times, be creative, be flexible, be forgiving, and most of all be willing to do whatever it takes to not quit altogether.

Walked an hour this morning.

Planned on running five miles.

Preach only what we practice.

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