Daily life… one foot in front of the other.

Just another day in paradise…


…6:45am appointment…

waiting room

Annual blood work done eight months behind schedule… better late than never…

Quest Diagnostics

Daily life… one foot in front of the other. How long do we postpone important life tasks? The important but not urgent things. Usually, the important things don’t become important until they become urgent.

Insight: It’s possible to greatly reduce urgency in life.

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Curious Answer
Curious Answer

Sitting here on the floor, waiting for Quest Diagnostics to open. Kinda like camping out for Springsteen concert tickets.  Lots of people trying to get in.

Do you get an annual physical?

Do you like getting your blood drawn?

Do you like knowing the truth?

The guy in front of me comes every three months, to establish which cholesterol medicine works best.

Told him I wish I could come every three months.

He looked surprised.

Life is funny sometimes.

Not knowing your health stats is not.